Hungry for real love, real peace, real justice, lasting joy?  That's what Jesus promises that His kingdom is filled with. It's something you won't find elsewhere in the world. At Hillwood Foursquare Church we see ourselves as matchmakers. Let us introduce you to Jesus. 

Bible Reading Plan

During these times where followers of Jesus feel so separated from one another because of safety precautions and social distancing, we wanted a way to learn and grow together in the Word. Upcoming this week in our Church wide Bible study are the following chapters of Scripture. Follow along with us each day and help build Biblical literacy while also taking part with us as a community of believers to find peace and a faithful path forward in our lives.


Rom. 1-4 


Rom. 5-8


Rom. 9-12


Rom. 13-16


Eph. 1-4


Eph. 5-6
Psalm 119:1-80


Phil. 1-4



New Hope is hosting Terrace Foursquare Church

With schools in our area closed to their students and everyone else because of Covid safety precautions, some of the church plants serving our nearby communities have not been able to meet at all since the shut downs in March. One such church is our congregational partner Terrace Foursquare. Pastor Jake has invited Pastor Trevor and his church to use our building and facilities so that their community of faith can meet and continue to grow. This mutually beneficial partnership will help combine and ease the load of our worship team and a few others while allowing them to have a temporary home. They will have their own separate church meeting at 9AM as we move our services to 11AM. Pastor Jake and the rest of the New Hope staff remain unchanged, but we hope you welcome them as we share what we have been given through your generosity to others in the Kingdom.

Youth Group is moving to Wednesdays.

Youth will now meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 pm downstairs int he cafe.  We are also working to get the Youth Cafe back up and running on early release Wednesdays, more info coming on that. 

Understanding the Times Class: Wednesdays @ 6:30.

This is a joint venture between New Hope and Terrace Foursquare. Pastor Trevor will be leading a class on thinking Biblically, as devoted followers of Jesus,  about current events. Pastor Jake will assist and help lead each week's prayer time. 

Small Group Bible Study

Thursday nights we will be having our Bible Study Cafe. Come meet with Pastor Jake and others from our church to connect, participate and study God's Word. Small groups are invited to use the space for their small group needs if meeting in homes is not possible.

Coffee will be provided. Thursdays at 7PM

join us thursdays

Latest Video


Here is our most recent sermon in case you were unable to watch it on Sunday online or come in person. We hope to see you soon!

Prayer Force

Our prayer team meets once a week to pray for one another, for the needs of our Church and for our community, especially in this tumultuous time of unrest and anxiety.

Wednesdays at 11:45AM 

Zoom #: 885-8123-4017