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Our vision is simple - to be a church where people truly belong.


For the greater Seattle community, New Hope Seattle is a gathering of believers and seekers alike. Where our home in the Northwest and diverse roots unite as one in the Holy Spirit, creating a welcoming place for transformation and belonging.


New Hope Seattle is affiliated with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. The Foursquare movement is committed to introducing the world to Jesus Christ - the Savior, Baptizer, Healer and Soon-Coming King. More information at Foursquare.org

How to Engage at New Hope

Our vision is to be a church where people truly belong.  Belonging, we think, is more than just a social construction.  It's a spiritual reality. You can belong to a family, a community, a workplace, but you can still feel on the outside.  Jesus came so that our deepest desires to be accepted, loved, affirmed would be fulfilled through his love poured out for us on the cross...loved not for what we have done or not done, but loved simply because he loved us.  


Engaging at New Hope includes three movements: 1. Belong to God 2. Belong together 3. Belong to Gather.

Belonging to God is a process of transforming from our social constructs (being an American, a worker, a mother, a father, a student etc), to becoming first of all a child of God. A son or daughter of God, shaped by God's opinion of us, wanting God's will to be done in us. That transformation takes effort, prayer, study, abandonment, passion, courage and commitment.  Kind of like the gym, but better, longer lasting, more fulfilling.  Attending regularly, giving, praying, reading...joining a belong to God group are all ways you can engage in belonging to God at New Hope.

Belonging together happens when we fulfill the command of Christ to love one another as he has loved us. We begin to not just "need" to be loved and accepted by other people, we begin to accept and love others regardless of what they have done or not done. This kind of love also takes practice, self-discipline, commitment and time. So we ask folks who make New Hope home to join a dinner fellowship, sign up for our rooted class, and intentionally build relationships with people in our gathering.


Belonging to Gather up others who have not yet experienced the Grace of God and offering the invitation to join his family. When God calls us to become his children, he doesn't just ask us to get along with others....he asks us to go out and bring more in. His love urges us to gather whoever would accept his love as well as to love everyone whether they accept it or not. So we gather by giving, by serving, by reaching out together; by extending the love of God.  

Jake and Rachael Poetzl,
Lead Pastors

Jake and Rachael have been at New Hope since 2014.  Together they have four school-aged children, Clara, Amelia, Henry and Jack. Rachael is also a 1st Grade teacher in the Shoreline schools.


A former high school English teacher and adjunct college writing instructor, Jake left academic life to build a church that shares the transformational truth of God’s love and calls all people into belonging and purpose in Christ.


To contact Jake, click here.

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